Cummins 100 Year Open Day With The Potter's

September 13, 2019 - 404 views

My Works open day.....come join The Potter's and take a look in side my work and see what this wet day has to offer.....and even though it was a damp The Potters and many more enjoyed it.

---------------------------------------------- Hola Potter tubers.... And welcome to the Potter’s channel, as you can guess by the name we are the Potter family from UK. We are Mr P (Byron), Mrs. P (Natalie), Korban (aged 10) and Zackary (aged 9) We're always out and about jet setting off as and when we can, always with plenty of cameras in hand. You can find our most recent holiday vlog in the Cancun 2018 playlist. The next big potter adventure will be Disney Florida October 2019 but please join us for any adventures we may do along the way. Please support us by liking and subscribing to our channel and don't forget to hit that bell so you don't miss any future vlogs. Thanks for watching The Potter’s Please take a look and also follow us on FACEBOOK


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